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Looking, listening and understanding is something I pride myself in, I want to understand every aspect before I just dive in and design. This is something I will not stray from as a designer, I think that it is overly important to understand and take steps to make sure we are in fact making informed and knowledgeable choices about our designs. When doing so the thought of ecological responsibility and building for the future is regularly contemplated, and personally is a highly important condensation in this process. Making sure we consider and think before we do will ensure our designs to be true and that is what will leave a mark on us as designers.

Basing my designs on a thoughtfulness of the environment, our surrounds and the effect it will give the centred users is important, if you can make them feel inspired and motivated in a space it makes that space so much more powerful and memorable. This is what makes design so beautiful for me and it’s made me want to succeed within its consideration of users. This makes being a designer for me a very important process and the first still was understanding myself before I considered others.


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